Friday, 4 April 2014

No More Facebook Page

Just in case anyone has been looking for our Facebook page, it no longer exists. It was felt that it duplicated information on our blog, but also very few members have Facebook accounts and even fewer want to open one. So this blog will now, I hope, have more activity in the coming weeks.

But remember to check our website: for even more. We have a wonderful web designer and he’s worked very hard for us. We will now have special editions (in colour, with photos, etc.) of our newsletters on the website as well as other pertinent information.

And please remember that we’re always ready to welcome visitors and new members at our monthly meetings. Many of the Women’s Institutes (WIs) in this immediate area are oversubscribed. We’re not and we have plenty of room, plenty of welcoming smiles, and plenty of activities for everyone. Why not come along and give us a try?

In the near future we have day trips planned (by coaches), a birthday tea (our 60th!), and a craft exhibit, as well as monthly competitions, speakers, activity groups and much more. We’re also starting a camera club for informal shutterbugs (fancy gear not required!).

So please watch this space………. Thanks for visiting.