Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ah, it's been too long! The problem is that South Street WI has been so busy that we haven't had time to write about it! Here are just a few highlights.


Shutterbugs is the photography interest group. We meet once per month and discuss photography, take photos, share photos, and have a good time on our outings. In September we had some fun at the seashore:

Each month we have a specific topic, such as Reflection, Autumn, etc. Each member brings one or more photos depicting that topic.

In October we went to Quex Park to find evidences of Autumn. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too cooperative and the real colours weren't out quite yet, but we still managed to have fun.

 This little acer tree (above) was probably the most colourful specimen in the park, but we managed to find a lot of other interesting things to photograph, too, such as the beautiful butterfly below.

And of course, we always wind up with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and maybe a little extra after a few hours of photographing.

October Meeting

 Our regular monthly meeting in October (sorry, no photos!) was a beautiful slide presentation titled "Phantasmagoria" by Jeff Wagner. We asked him back for the second year as his presentation was so popular last year. This was just as popular!

Quiz Night

On 31 October, we had a quiz night with a genuine quizmaster and lots of laughter. It was well attended and everyone is keen for the next one now!
 The quiz was opened to members and guests. Each table was provided with a bounty of pate, cheese, and bread. Attendees brought their own drinks, which everyone seemed quite happy to share with their table mates.

Our quiz master, Brian, kept the laughter going with his light-hearted banter and jokes.

We've just elected a new President, following in the footsteps of our very popular and successful past President, and our membership is growing. We've recently welcomed seven new members and are thrilled to have them join us. Unlike some local WI groups who are oversubscribed, fortunately our meeting venue is large enough to handle even more. We have many special interest groups and activities so why not give us a try! If you want to see our newsletter, please go to our official website at and you can download the latest one in a PDF form.