Sunday, 5 July 2015

P is for . . .

On the 30th of June our Shutterbugs Camera Group went to the Faversham Quay. Unfortunately it was one of the hottest days in years, so we didn't have much energy for clamboring around with our cameras. Still, we managed a few. Of course we started off with cool drinks at the Pomegranate Tree tea room. The staff there could not be nicer and found us a shady spot on their enclosed patio to have our photography meeting.

This month we had chosen to do a letter of the alphabet, "P". So we had photos of pansies, peonies, patchwork, pincushions, and more. Everyone chose three prints and we had a good time hearing the stories behind each.

After we'd had our cool drinks, we wandered around the Quay. There was a second-hand shop, an antiques shop, etc. The tide was out, so we had to do with photos of the boats sitting on mud!

The photo above was interesting. Some ships have elaborate carvings of women at the head of the boat, but these folks had a sense of humour. This was a plastic male mannequin.... a man dummy, if you will! I wondered if he would melt as hot as it was, but he seemed very placid!

I've heard the Quay is quite busy on the weekend and perhaps there are more people and more open shops. And I'd certainly recommend that if you go, you choose a cooler day!

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