Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Garden season begins!

Our WI garden group had a wonderful visit to Pheasant Farm in Oare, near Faversham on Monday, 10th of April. Although the wind was a little chilly, it was sunny and beautiful when we found ourselves sheltered from that wind.

Pheasant Farm is owned by the Neame family and they opened it for the National Garden Scheme (NGS), which operates in Kent every Spring. Most of the gardens in the NGS are privately owned and graciously opened to the public for donations to various charities. It's a real treat to be able to look into these lovely settings, so carefully and passionately prepared by their dedicated gardeners.

Next to the home is the picturesque church with fabulous views overlooking the estuary.

There were about 13 of us and were left to wander and wonder at our own pace.

Unfortunately, the timing was a bit off as the daffodils were fading, soon to be followed by the tulips. We saw some gorgeous tulips, though, in borders and pots and dramatically dotted around the gardens.

Here Ann was looking out to the estuary. What is not apparent from this photo, however, is that just a few feet beyond where she stood, the ground dropped sharply down to reveal a small orchard just below her.

Just liked the look of this keyring on the kitchen door!

This view was from the kitchen in the house. We thought it might be just a bit too chilly to sit outside for our lovely cream tea (see below) but I took this photo from the dining table where we sat inside, nice and snug and warm! 

And who could resist this lovely assortment of homemade jam, scones, bread, and brownies! Our WI certainly knows how to pick the best places to visit and to EAT!