Friday, 8 June 2018


This blog is now CLOSED, due to the new data protection law which requires written permission from every person in every photograph. It is just too time consuming and cumbersome to continue with such a burden on our photographers and membership. I won't rant about how silly this is, and I do apologise for the loss of something many enjoyed.

It is my understanding that the existing posts can stand, but if you are  pictured and prefer to not be shown, please let me know immediately and I will delete the photograph. Send an email to and include the date of the post and a description of the photograph you want deleted.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Visit to Bilsington for afternoon tea

Our members visited St. Augustine's Priory at Bilsington for a tour of the grounds, followed by tea.
After arrival we were shown into the priory building where an interesting talk was given about the history of the site.

The priory has been in existence for 800 years but it is thought that the site has been occupied for even longer. Archeological finds have included Roman water offering charms, a possible Viking necklace and it is rumoured that a chest of gold went missing here when the soldiers wages during the 100 years war was stored on the site.


We didn't find any treasure but made our way across the gardens and past the fish pond to the farmhouse conservatory for a really fabulous afternoon tea. 

One person said it was the best afternoon tea she had ever had!  During tea the current owner of the priory chatted to members about the estate.

A very enjoyable time was had by all!

Panto in April

Our WI had planned a Panto for December, but too many of the cast were ill (as were half the UK population!) so we had a little play but the real panto was  re-written and performed in April. It was definitely worth the wait as it was one of the best panto plays I've seen! The theme was Snow White but updated to include Easter, as the photos below will show.

We had the traditional Evil Queen who was jealous of poor maiden, Snow White.

We even had all the seven little men (well, almost seven). 

Honestly  it was hilarious, well written and well played. And most of all well-received by the audience, who clearly loved it! Our drama group always delivers an outstanding performance that makes the afternoon fun! And of course the glasses of prosecco help too!

Hey, we DO know how to have fun!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How the time flies....

Wow, it's been a very long time between posts, although I have to admit that no one seems to care much. No one has commented on the lag to me, at least.

It's not as if our group hasn't been busy, because we have... we've done skits, had lunches out, elected a new President (now Pam Lilley) and committee in November, listened to some very good speakers, and lots more. Here's just a couple of photos from a Christmas play.

Due to illness, we had to cancel a regularly scheduled panto but it will be presented at our April meeting. 

As an update for current events: 
  • our programme committee met this week and we are in the process of confirming some great programmes for next year (2019). We have to plan so far ahead to get the good speakers.
  • our Shutterbugs (photography interest group) have met regularly and will next journey for a lunch at a country pub. The last meeting we saw some videos on camera techniques that were very helpful.
  • our book clubs have been meeting regularly.
  • our Kent AGM is planned for later this month and several of our South Street WI members will attend.
  • our garden interest group is gearing up for visits to some lovely local gardens in the Spring and Summer.
  • we've added a second craft group, which has proven very popular.

There are always lots more going on for our members, so I hope to keep this blog updated more frequently. Please remember that we meet on the second Wednesday of each month at the All Saints Church Hall, 2pm. If you're not already a member, why not come along and meet our group? We're a  friendly bunch and new members and visitors are always welcome.